Why Does Shingles Last So Long?

In the summer months, most people are plagued with questions regarding the duration of shingles after a diagnosis has been made. Since many associate shingles with the appearance of rashes or other skin issues, many women suffer in silence with these symptoms for a very long time after being told they do have shingles. There are many symptoms that may be confused with other conditions, but there is one problem with this – most people do not seek treatment when they are showing symptoms of shingles. Many will only find out about the infection types and symptoms later once their doctor has diagnosed them.

This is why the treatment for shingles is often delayed until the later stages once the symptoms have become more obvious. This means that you may suffer unnecessarily for a long time before you find out about your condition. You need to know about the treatment options available for shingles so that you can make an informed decision when you are finally diagnosed.

The treatment options available for shingles tend to be anti-viral based. This means that the doctor will either start you on an antiviral medication or recommend you to see a specialist who will prescribe an anti-viral medication for you. These can take some time to take effect. Shingles is very contagious, meaning that there is the likelihood of many of your family members contracting the virus. Therefore it is important that the medical treatment is administered as soon as you are diagnosed.

There is also the option of using the all-natural treatment shingles cure. This involves, as you would expect, treating the symptoms and getting your body back into full function as quickly as possible. Of course, once the virus is gone there are no symptoms to suffer from and therefore you can potentially get rid of the symptoms in less than four weeks. The problem with this method is that it is often not successful in preventing a recurrence of shingles.

Another option available for the treatment of shingles is pain relievers. However these do not deal with the root cause of the problem, which is viral. Many women suffering from shingles find that they have severe pain once they have been treated. The pain can last for days and some doctors will prescribe pain killers but they will never treat the cause of shingles, which is the viral infection that causes the symptoms.

The final treatment option available to a woman suffering from shingles is called painkillers. Some women find that they can reduce their symptoms with over the counter painkillers such as aspirin. However these are not a true cure for shingles because they do not deal with the root causes of the problem. As such, the symptoms will just return if the shingles are not treated properly. This means that a woman who suffers from shingles will have to suffer with the symptoms for longer each year, which is not what she or anyone wants. Thankfully there is an answer that will end all the suffering.

In order to find out why does shingles last so long, a woman must first understand what the actual symptoms of shingles are. The initial stage of the condition is just pain and burning with a slight fever at the beginning. After this the woman will experience a burning sensation around the body and in particular a red rash that will be raised and shaped in a cauliflower shape. There will also be itching, tingling and a very uncomfortable feeling in the area of the rashes. Finally, a rash may form and will eventually turn into blisters.

To prevent symptoms occurring again it is vital that a woman takes action as soon as the first symptoms appear. For the best results she should seek medical attention immediately after developing a case of shingles. Treatment is quick and is most likely effective and painless. After the first round of treatment the woman should be monitored for one or two more rounds of treatment. If the shingles are handled quickly and effectively then there is a good chance that a cure can be found.

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